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Rebranding & Refocusing

Dear Lovers!

Hope you are all well. Sorry to keep you waiting for far too long. It’s a good thing, though. We have a lot of exciting stuff cooking up. As the title reads: we are rebranding and refocusing our line. Our new collection, which consists of only kids, will be launched in a few weeks.

Yes, that’s right. We are no longer making pieces for adults. Just kids! We did some soul searching and decided that we wanted to go back to our roots; strictly designing for the “WeWe”(s), the kids.

While making all of these changes, we are also working on private labels for stores in US/Europe.

Oh, you are so going to love the new stuff. The colors, designs, shapes, so fun. In addition, our prices are changing. Yes, like drastically. Affordable pieces. Like Forever 21 for kids. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still buy the adult pieces. As a matter of fact, we are repricing those too, so get your credit cards ready.

Hope you are ready for the ride!


WeWe Team

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