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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Many of you who have read about or met Sidney know by now that he is the cutest, most handsome, well mannered, well behaved and polite son in the world. Yet he is also energetic, playful, daring and inquisitive. Sidney gets into anything and everything, right?
Well, guess who is taking after this daring soul? Miss […]

Mom, Dad, I Don’t Want to Come Home!

What is going on with my 15 month old? She doesn’t like to come home. LOL! Whenever we go out, or when Greg picks her up from daycare, it’s a scene when we get home. She cries, screams, throws a fit, claps (yes, she claps when she is furious…like WTF???) and then sits on the […]

WeWe Adults - Maxi Dresses and Tunics for Men & Women

WeWe is really excited about expanding its line. We are working on WeWe Adults. We got tons of requests from grown ups and we are happy to grant those requests.
The maxi dresses come in different styles and colors. The styles are the popular Zurhi, Reyna and Maya - of course, with a twist. The styles […]

Launch of the little ones…

So I am so excited about the launch of WeWe Clothing store. I really, really, really love the products. Can i say really one more time? Seriously, the tunics? this is the first i have seen for kids. Another one of my favorites, is the zurhi dress. My husband’s favorite too. He likes it in […]